You May Have Heard

. . .that I’ve revised the way I deliver online meetings, workshops and the  other learning activities I provide through Research and Writing. We're still some weeks away from opening the new website, however. 

In the meantime, here’s some information about what's happening. 

Are you interested in an online meeting, a meeting series, a workshop, or similar program?  

Contact me to organize one at your convenience for your business group...your book club...your four best friends...your PTA.  Click here for a list of sessions I’ve offered in recent years. I have many more ideas about workshops, meetings and formal or informal courses, and I’d love to hear yours, too. 

What if you're only interested in those famous Research and Writing handouts?  

Do you really only want to see the worksheets, tip sheets and other support materials that are integral to every meeting? Once the new website is completed, you’ll be able to download all these tools. You'll be able to do this at no charge (but you will have to register). Until then, contact me and I’ll be pleased to send you copies. Click here for a list

You should note that I’ve converted all materials I make available to a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. This means 
  • you may share these products as long as you don’t charge for them and 
  • you clearly indicate Research and Writing as the source
Read the details at
Bad things will happen if you don't abide by the guidelines.

So, you’re staring at a Research and Writing worksheet or tip sheet and you’d like some guidance?  

Or, you’d like to know a little more about how to use it? For a nominal fee, you’ll be able to access a walkthrough of each document. I’ll help you understand what you’re doing, why it’s important, and where to take the insight you’ve just developed.  Again, these are in development, but contact me and I may let you beta-test.