About. . .

I am Sarah Lowengard, The Big Boss of Research and Writing. 

I help my clients improve the ways they understand and do business, so they become more profitable and spend more time doing the work they do best.  

I've been advising professional practitioners, solo workers and small business people for more than 20 years.

My experience includes: 

     38 years— owning and managing a professional practice

     31 years — classroom teaching 

     30 years — writing and helping others with their business writing

                  — seminar and meeting design and facilitation

     27 years — grant and proposal writing and management

                  — curriculum design and development for others

     17 years — online course development and online teaching 

Even though I'm The Big Boss, I don't know everything, and I know it. 

To ensure that you receive the highest quality service, I work with a remarkable group of experienced advisers and associates. 

My colleagues include specialist researchers, writers and editors, experts in fund development, grant and proposal writing, human resource management, communication, art direction, business coaching, occupational psychology and management consulting.