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Online Meetings, Webinars, Workshops, and Courses

An alphabetical list of the online programs we’ve designed or offered since 2009.

6 Tips to Better Proposal-Writing
The Artist's Statement
Business Budgeting Basics
Defining Your Business Model
Design History
Designing a Hands-On Workshop
Effective Presentations

Grantwriting Basics
Identifying Risks to Your Business
Mid-Year Goal Assessments
Online Publishing
Playing Well With Others (Collaborations)
Pricing and Billing Your Work
Reading Bids and RFPs
Transitions: From Employee to Business Owner
Transitions: Moving On From Your Own Business
Understanding Social Media
Updating Your Marketing Plans
Writing an Abstract or Short Proposal
Writing to Ask/Writing to Tell
Your Life as an Independent [Whatever]

Many presentations are available in several formats, both online and in-person. Our clients include businesses (for- and non-profit), professional organizations, students. . . and groups of friends.

Ask us to help you organize a program that meets your needs.