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Online Meetings, Webinars, Workshops, and Courses

An alphabetical list of the online programs we’ve designed or offered since 2009.

The Artist's Statement
Business Budgeting Basics
Defining Your Business Model
Design History
Designing a Hands-On Workshop
Effective Presentations

Grantwriting Basics
Identifying Risks to Your Business
Mid-Year Goal Assessments
Online Publishing
Playing Well With Others (Collaborations)
Pricing and Billing Your Work
Reading Bids and RFPs
Transitions: From Employee to Business Owner
Transitions: Moving On From Your Own Business
Understanding Social Media
Updating Your Marketing Plans
Writing an Abstract or Short Proposal
Writing to Ask/Writing to Tell
Your Life as an Independent [Whatever]

Many presentations are available in several formats, both online and in-person. Our clients include businesses (for- and non-profit), professional organizations, students. . . and groups of friends.

Ask us to help you organize a program that meets your needs.